Thinkcar, is to use mobile Internet technology, changing and
solving the vehicle maintenance problem!

Working Principle

Insert Thinkcar into your vehicle’s OBD port;

Thinkcar will connect to your smartphone via bluetooth;

Control the work of Thinkcar through Thinkcar APP for diagnosis or testing to know
about the health of your vehicle.

You can also get more useful functions through Thinkcar APP!

OBD diagnosis

Thinkcar OBD diagnosis can achieve the effect of professional diagnostic device, to process lots of very practical and convenient operation.

Read / Clear Codes

There are some basic engine-related trouble spots on the dashboard, but that's only a small part of it. Thinkcar can read the fault code directly from the ECU of the car's computer, generating a report to present to you, and interpret the fault.

Freeze frames

When the system has a fault code, the ECU stores the data when the fault code appears, which is the freeze frame, and you can get it from the Thinkcar.

Data Flow

Data flow refers to the data parameters that ECU communicates with sensors and actuators, which can truly reflect the working state of each sensor and actuator. You can get it through Thinkcar.

I/M Readiness

THINKCAR enables continuous data monitoring of cylinder pressure, fuel air-fuel ratio and spark intensity, as well as long-term effective monitoring and timely warning. Assisting your vehicle engine running to the best state, effective control of fuel consumption, reduce exhaust pollution, to prevent excessive exhaust.

Mode 6

Thinkcar can be used as an on-board diagnostic system monitor to obtain advanced test results and timely find the failure or cause description of exhaust disqualification and related problems.

Smog check

Thinkcar can obtain fuel vaporization carbon tank (EVAP) test data to check whether the vehicle is ready for smoke or emission testing.

Engine lamp reset

When the car is in motion, or when the car is on fire, the engine failure light on the dashboard will light up and in most cases will not disappear automatically. For each failure light, THINKCAR will tell you the severity of the problem, the consequences of continued use, instructions that affect the rest of the car, and provide an operation to reset the engine light.

System-wide detection

It is noteworthy that:

Activating the whole system detection function, will automatically identify and download to meet your vehicle's
special detection software.

To activate the whole system testing function, an additional service fee of $9.95 per year is required.

Car black box

The ThinkCar 1S supports car black box settings.

For safety reasons, we have developed the car black box function on the 1S product with reference to the flying black box function. Through the built-in storage of 1S, OBD data can be recorded and stored in real time, and historical data can be uploaded and played back through the APP.