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MUCAR is a sub-brand of THINKCAR that designs products exclusively for DIY owners.

  • ECU Coding + Bi-Directional/Active Test
  • 28+ most popular reset functions, lifetime free
  • OE-Level All-Systems Diagnostic
  • Support 106+ car brands and 20+ languages
  • 7 inch Touch Screen + 2G/32G Memory
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    $469.90 $369.90

    Why Choose MUCAR VO7 OBD2 Scanner?

  • ECU Coding+Bi-Directional/Active Test
  • 28+ most popular reset functions, lifetime free
  • OE-Level All-Systems Diagnostic, easily understand the vehicle's condition
  • Cover 106+ car brands, more brands continue to update
  • Logically laid out easy menus, plus a larger 7” TouchScreen, Android 10.0, 2G /32G memory, and 6000mAh battery capacity, for an All-Day good job
  • Connecting a variety of external function modules, such as a printer, oscilloscope, ble battery, endoscope, TPMS device
  • Supports 20+ languages, eliminating language barriers. English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovakia, Greek, Czech, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Arabic, more languages are being added, so stay updated
  • 3-Year Free Update Online (Note: If not updated still can use all these functions for already downloaded software, just can not diagnose new car brands & functions)
  • ECU Coding (Customize)

    Customize your car easily, make your work easier, and help you win more businesses. MUCAR VO7 scan tool equips advanced ECU Coding function for addressing the following issues:

  • Vehicle performance adjustment: By modifying the parameters of ECU, it can adjust the engine output power, torque curve, fuel injection amount, etc. to improve the vehicle performance and driving experience.
  • Fuel Economy Optimization: By adjusting the parameters of the ECU, the fuel injection strategy, ignition timing, etc. can be optimized to improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Troubleshooting and Repair: ECU CODING can be used to read and clear fault codes, diagnose vehicle malfunctions and perform repair operations accordingly.
  • Accessory Replacement: When replacing certain vehicle components, ECU CODING may be required to make them compatible with the vehicle system. Warm Tips: Before coding, please read and record the original module’s information.
  • Powerful Bi-directional Control

    3000+ active tests, all-in-one solution, pinpointing out problem location, improving 300% efficiency!

  • Bi-directional control is a feature that allows for two-way communication and control between scanner and car systems. It enables drive solenoids and actuators for active testing, sending commands to the system/component to test its operating status without using the vehicle controls. By utilizing Bi-Directional Control, technicians, mechanicians, car dealers, auto repair shops, DIYers or individual owners can actively monitor and control the behavior of a system, letting you quickly understand whether a specific system, component, or subsystem is operating normally. It provides a more comprehensive and interactive approach to testing and troubleshooting, allowing for efficient identification and resolution of issues, pinpointing issues and greatly improving diagnostic efficiency.
  • Frequently-used Active Tests including: Evap Tests/ Purge Solenoid/ Fuel Injector Test/ Cycling A/C Clutch Relay/ Cycling Abs Motor Pump/ Cooling Fan Test/ Headlamp Test/ Sunroof/ Operate Mirrors/ Turn On The Sound Horn/ Turn On The Radiator Fan/ Open/Close Windows/ Turn On/Off The Lights/ Test Door Lock Actuators/ A/C Compressor Activation/ Modulate The Throttle/ Compression Test/ Turn On/Off Front And Rear Side Acm Solenoid/ Turn The Fuel Pump On And Off/ Cycling The A/C/ Clutch On And Off/ Left Clutch Electromagnetic Coil Test/ Acceleration Device Test/ Oil Pressure Control Test/ Dynamic Camera Aiming/ Vehicle Level Position Calibration/ Brake Vacuum Pump/ Inlet And Outlet Valve Tests/ Open Brakes Tests/ Parking Brake Botors/ Wheel Speed Sensor Supply/...
  • Professional OE-level all systems diagnose

    With all-around & in-depth diagnoses + extra full OBD2 modes.

    MUCAR VO7 automotive scanner can scan full modules like ECM(engine), TCM(Transmission), ABS(Anti-Lock Braking System), SRS(Supplemental Restraint System), EPB(Electric Parking Brake), BCM(Body Control Module), EPS(Eletronic Power Steering), HVAC(Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset) and more to perform OE level diagnostics to Read Codes, Clear Codes, Smog Test, Read Live Data, Freeze Frame, Evap Test, DTC Look Up, Detection Help, On-Board Monitor Test Mode, I/M Readiness Check, O.2 Sensor Test, Retrieve Ecu Information, Matching & Adaptations, ECU Coding, Active Test, allows you to get a Faster snd More Accurate Test Result On All Electronic Systems.

    28+ Maintenance Functions

    Maximize your efficiency and profitability with this top-Of-the-line diagnostic equipment, always keep growing. MUCAR VO7 is equipped with 34+ value-added maintenance services: ABS Bleeding, AdBlue Reset, Adaptive Front Lighting, Air / Fuel reset, Air Level Calibration, Airbag Reset, Battery Matching, Brake reset, Coolant Bleed, Crank Position Sensor Adaptive Learning, DPF Regen, EGR Adaption, Electric Throttle Relearn, Gearbox Relearn, Immobilizer Reset, Injector Coding, Language Change, NOx Sensor Reset, ODO Meter, Oil Maintenance Reset, Seat Occupancy Calibration, Steering Angle Reset, Stop/Start Reset, Sunroof Reset, TPMS Reset, Tire Reset, Transport Mode, Windows Calibration.

    Note: the specific reset functions supported may vary depending on vehicle models and software versions. If you need to know the support status of a specific model, please check the product manual, or click here, or contact the Online Service website.

    Wide vehicle coverage

    Robust vehicle compatibility is one of the most important considerations when choosing an automotive diagnostic scanner. MUCAR VO7 S covers 106+ car makers from 1996-2024, including 12V cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs, hybrid vehicles, and minivans. With the update of vehicles and functions worldwide, the support of Mucar VO7 is constantly updated, and free updates within 3 years. After 3 Years if needed, subscription is $99/year.
    Note: If you do not subscription, still can use the scanner normally for totally free, but can not diagnose new vehicles & functions.

    To inquire about the specific supported models and functions, please click here, or contact the Online Service website.

    Support 20+ Languages

    Localized language, smoother use. MUCAR VO7 supports 17+ languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovakia, Greek, Czech, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Arabic, more languages are being added, so stay updated.

    4-in-1 scientific data management

    Live data stream graph & record data & diagnosis record playback & print report.

  • Scientifically graph data, record data, playback data, freeze frames, and print reports.
  • In the real-time diagnosis process, important diagnosis information can be instantly stored in the memory, including the reading of fault codes and frozen frames and real-time data streams.
  • After real-time diagnosis is completed, the Diagnosis function record playback, the diagnosis information, and process previously saved in the memory can be replayed to facilitate the analysis of various data information.
  • One-click generation of a diagnosis report after diagnosis will help users quickly solve problems, avoid blind maintenance, and save money/time.
  • Parameter

    Display Screen: 7-inch TFT(IPS)
    Connection: Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
    Battery: 6000mAh
    Working Temperature:32℉~122℉
    Storage Temperature:-4℉~144℉

    Packing List

    1*MUCAR VO7 Host
    1*Diagnostic dongle
    1*Charging cable
    1*power adapter
    1*multi-language user manual
    3*Conversion Charging Replacement

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Aleksandrs Juruss
    Mucar v07s

    Диагностика просто супер. Прописывал ключи без проблем. Прожигал сажевый фильтр. Всё работает исправно. Всем советую.

    Givi Kelbakiani


    Diarmuid O'Neill
    Maserati 4200

    I was able to interface with the F1 system by selecting Ferrari 430 CFC 231 gearbox
    Was able to adjust PIS and view clutch wear
    Some other functions I was able to view in Quatraporte such solenoid check, clutch bleed etc. I have not completed my review and diagnostics and will reserve my 5tar rating until then but so far so good. I have not checked any other car models yet

    Stephane Jourdain
    Very good

    Nice car obd machine, very effzctive for the cars i jave try it.

    This is a really nice scan tool

    This scanner has done everything I’ve needed so far , from a 96’ 1 ton Chevy to a 2013 ram