Product Sellpoints:

  • 1. Optional car brand lifetime free.
  • 2. optional car brand lifetime free All system diagnosis+28 reset services+ECU coding & Bi-directional control and other advanced features.

How to get the T-CODE?

  • 1. After successful payment, click "Show Tcode" to get T-CODE.
  • 2. Get it in your mailbox

How to use the T-CODE?

  • 1. Open the device homepage and click 'Expand'.
  • 2. Find Vehicle Software and click 'Expand'
  • 3. Choose the brand you need..
  • 4. Click 'T-Code Exchange' and enter your T-Code.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
T1N Sprinter

Using this T code allowed me to access the 06 Sprinter that’s badged as a dodge . Took a bit to figure out how to get past the auto ID and just launch but it gives you brake bleed,injector coding, tire size adjustments ( 3 pre programmed sizes )
Live data etc. bi directional testing too. Well worth the money for me as I don’t need to log in each time like a thinkdiag plus dongle when using the mucar cde 900 pro.