• Full OBD2 Diagnostic Functions, Lifetime Free update
  • 2G RAM+32G ROM, Max Up To 256G By TF Card, One-Click WIFI System Upgrade
  • Support upgrade function, one-time purchase for lifetime use
  • Support 134+ major car brands and 20+ languages
  • 4-inch HD Display Touch Screen, Android 6.0 Operating System
  • Subtotal: $57.00

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    MUCAR CDE900

    MUCAR CDE900

    $79.00 $57.00

    MUCAR CDE900

    $79.00 $57.00

    Elite Version powerful automotive OBD2 Scanner diagnostic tool.


    • Diagnostic Services: Full OBD2 Function, Auto VIN & Scan, Diagnostic Feedback.
    • Optional upgrades: Check engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS 4 systems. Making the CDE900 upgrade a more Useful 4-system diagnostic tools

    What Mucar CDE900 can bring you: you can get more repair orders and Improve your efficiency and professionalism, Having such a state-of-the-art, Fast, Smart, Intelligent Bi-Directional Scanner

    Cost-effective car diagnostic tool: you don’t need to rely on the mechanics or auto repair shop; you can be the mechanic of your family.

    Mucar CDE900 has made massive optimizations in both function and hardware, making the product's performance even better.

    • Global Version: No worry, use and update where you are.
    • Upgraded car makes up to 2023 models, SUVs, minivans, and 12v light-duty trucks. Expanded vehicle coverage can grow your customer base.

    Full OBD2 Functions code reader for All OBD II Protocol Cars.

    Mucar CDE900 is an OBD2 full-function scan tool that can read and clear codes and retrieve information from the engine control unit. When there's a problem with your car, the CDE900 OBD2 code reader will read codes indicating these faulty parts. After the car problems have been solved, the CDE900 car code reader can erase these trouble codes and turn off the check engine light.

    Full OBD2 function Features:

    • Read Codes: Knows what and where the problem is according to the DTC and its definition.
    • Clear Codes: Clear the DTCs and turn off the warning lights after code reading and certain repairs.
    • Live Data: Request current powertrain diagnostic data. 4 data streams can be merged in 1 graph for easier comparison.
    • Freeze Frame: Request freeze frame information. Find the data at the time of the car failure.
    • O2 Sensor Test: Request oxygen sensor monitoring test results.
    • On-Board Monitor Test: Request on-board monitoring test results for specific monitored systems.
    • I/M Readiness: Request emission-related diagnostic trouble codes detected during the current or last completed driving cycle
    • 39.95usd for 4 systems diagnose (Engine,Brake,Airbag,Transmission) Lifetime free
    • 15.95usd For Optional 1 Reset Functions Free Lifetime Update 
    • 79.95usd For 28 Reset Functions Free Lifetime Update

    Professional System Diagnostics-Diagnose 4 Commonly Used ECUSystems (ABS/SRS/ECM/TCM)----Can be upgraded according to individual needs.

    Upgrade, making the CDE900 upgrade a more Useful 4 system diagnostic tools.

    Diagnose ECM (Check Engine) System:

    Quickly determine the cause of the Engine System, and turn off the light. It also retrieves current, permanent, and pending codes in the vehicle engine system, What's more, it also shows critical OBD II standard extended data, such as fuel, emissions data, and other real-time manufacturer-specific parameters in the engine system for making sure it works correctly and safely.

    Diagnose ABS (Anti-Lock Braking) System:

    Read and clear the error code in the ABS and turn off the light. It retrieves ABS codes to make braking more smooth, consistent and safe. It also performs live data streams in the ABS, allowing the user to monitor and diagnose critical ABS systems to ensure that repairs to this vital system are adequate and complete.

    Diagnose SRS (Airbag) System:

    A safety restraint system is made up of impact sensors, a control module, and the airbags themselves, and this diagnostic device can detect every electronic parameter to check its health status

    Diagnose TCM(Auto Transmission) System:

    Transmission system is one of the powertrain control modules, but some issues like un-working electronic accessories and broken transmission computer will keep your transmission light flashing. It's hard to locate the accurate error within limited time. Fortunately, this car error code reader transmission scanner will assist you to have a fast scanning of your vehicle and read the fault code easily, turning off the light within minutes when you finish the repair.

    Great attention: you can decide whether to upgrade the device according to your needs. If don't upgrade, you will get a primary device that only supports OBD2 functions.

    Multifunction Intelligent Software 

    MUCAR CDE900 Has Many Extra Smart Features

    • One-Click Update Software Via Wi-Fi (OTA Function)
    • One-Click Clear Fault Codes ( Erase)
    • Vehicle Compatibility Check Online (Car Coverage)
    • Google Search DTCs Online
    • Report Generate and Share
    • View History
    • Demo Software ---Helps you understand the functionality of the product without connecting the vehicle's OBD II connector.

    Practical And Reasonable Design

    Excellent Structural Design & Excellent Hardware Materials

    The product design of MUCAR CDE900 conforms to ergonomic design, which is more convenient and reasonable to use.

    The material and hardware of the product are all high-quality materials.

    Mucar CDE900 has made huge optimizations in both function and hardware - which makes the performance of the product even better.

    Cost-effective car diagnostic tool: you don’t need to rely on the mechanics or auto repair shop, you can be the mechanic of your family.

    Compatible with vehicles worldwide -- Wide Range Of Suitable Models Support 93+ Car Brands, 16 languages and Continuous updates 

    This scan tool is probably one of the most extensive diagnostic scanners that you want to lay your hands on. 

    16 Languages Support: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Hungarian, Slovak, Greek, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Polish.

    Mucar CDE900 professional car computer code reader has a wide vehicle coverage and is compatible with of car models from the US, Europe, and Asia. (Continuously updated .... )

    Hardware Configuration:

    • Quad-core 1.4GHz processor
    • 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM
    • Built-in 1500mAH long-life battery
    • 4-inch HD Touchscreen
    • Easier to upgrade
    • One clicks update online by connecting wifi.

    Live data can be recorded and they can be played back in text format or graph format. Playback supports two graphs (independent) or 4 PID's graphed (combined).

    More Professional Service


    Processor: Quad-core 1.3GHz A7
    RAM: 2GB
    ROM: 32GB
    Working voltage: 12V
    Working temperature: -10℃~50℃
    Storage environment: ﹣20-60℃
    Overall size: 209*96*29.5mm
    Wire length: 1.2m
    Shell material: ABS+PC+TPU rubber sleeve

    Packing List

    1*CDE900 OBD2 scanner
    1*User Manual
    1*Type-C Charging Cable

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    Very helpful staff and happy with the quality of the unit. I am still learning and delving into its standard read functions ( Freeze frames, Export via Bluetooth or Email PDF, PC connectivity and file transfer, too and from) etc and haven't bought the extra software yet to open it up further, but will soon.

    Δημήτρης Νασιόπουλος

    MUCAR CDE900

    Raymond Carter
    car EOBD decoder and reader

    Works very well on all the models I have tried

    Raul Cruz gomez

    Good one

    Cornel Paduraru
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