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MUCAR: A New Force of Game-changer in the Automotive Diagnostic Industry

by ThinkCar 31 Aug 2023

ONTARIO, Calif, July 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MUCAR is a new brand in the automotive diagnostic industry, with a focus on providing high-quality and affordable diagnostic tools for individual car owner users. Recently, with a lively UI interface design, quick operation guide, and years of experience, MUCAR's products are breaking the traditional pricing model and providing customers with a better experience.

The core selling points of MUCAR's products for individual car owners include:

1. Lively UI interface design: MUCAR's products have a lively UI interface style, which is more attractive to young people and car modification enthusiasts.

2. Quick guidance & operation video: To make it more convenient for individual users to use products with complex functional attributes, MUCAR has set up fool-style boot guidance steps and placed electronic manuals and specific function operation videos inside the product.

In 2023, two competitive product series proudly presenting: MUCAR's CDE900 series and VO series are both cost-effective and powerful, providing customers with a machine that can be used for a lifetime.

MUCAR's CDE900 series includes CDE900, CDE900 Pro, and CDE900 Max. The series breaks the traditional pricing model, through users can experience higher hardware configuration after purchasing at a very low price, and the basic OBD function is also added inside, when users have more functional needs, there is no need to purchase other products again, just purchase software inside the product to get it, so that from experiencing first, to buying software according to needs, avoid wasting money.

MUCAR's VO series includes VO7, VO7S, and VO8. This series of products is equipped with all functions except online programming, and factory configured for 3 years without subscription, the first three years after successful registration support all diagnostic software free updates, very cost-effective.

These products are believed to have a certain impact on old brands in the automotive diagnostic industry. Some models have been launched on major e-commerce platforms, and Amazon July membership day will also launch event prices, which are super cost-effective. The event will be available in North America and European countries on July 11-12 local time.

MUCAR is committed to providing high-quality and affordable diagnostic tools for individual car owner users. To learn more about MUCAR and its products, visit us at our official website or follow us on social media: 

Official Mall: 

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