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MUCAR OBD II Scanner - CDE900 was selected for Amazon's Choice

by ThinkCar 19 Sep 2023

LOS ANGELESFeb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MUCAR CDE900 displays as Amazon's Choice in the Code Readers & Scan Tools category. Amazon's selection demonstrates more buyers' trust in the brand, as on average, MUCAR delivers faster and returns less frequently than other similar brands.

The CDE900 reads trouble codes for almost all vehicles and finds problems quickly and easily via Google search. All instructions are built-in and come with tutorial videos that walk you through how to run the diagnostic process and clear errors.


On the one hand, having a CDE900 OBD II scanner means you can update your applications and databases regularly, and MUCAR brings car enthusiasts a lifetime of free updates.

On the other hand, OBD II scanners were previously designed for professionals in auto stores and mechanics, but as cars have become more sophisticated, OBD II scanners have become almost household items. The introduction of the MUCAR CDE900 brings greater flexibility to home mechanics and makes it affordable for everyone.

The MUCAR sales team said, "In addition to all the functions of OBD II and EOBD II, we have added engine, transmission, ABS and SRS functions, which can be purchased as you need. And there is no annual fee to use the product, which also offers free OTA upgrades and WiFi function.

OBD readers like the CDE900 allow you to find out what's wrong with your indicator light and replace the part yourself, undoubtedly saving you money in the long run, comparing to the price at the auto stores.


MUCAR is incorporated in Los AngelesUSA by a group of car enthusiasts who were proficient in car maintenance and diagnostic technology. 80% of our team members have a technical background and have been engaged in technology research and development in related fields for a long time. MUCAR is part of THINKCAR, Inc., located at 720 S Rochester Ave Unit B, Ontario, CA 91761.

We expect to combine pioneering Internet technology with traditional automotive diagnostics to solve the problems encountered in cars in a more affordable, higher efficiency and more convenient way.


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