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Why You Should Invest in an OBD2 Scanner with CAN-FD Support

by ThinkCar 28 Nov 2023 1 comment
1. What is the CAN-FD protocol?

CAN-FD stands for Controller Area Network - Flexible Data Rate. It is a communication protocol used in modern vehicles for data transfer between electronic control units (ECUs) at a higher speed and with a higher payload than the traditional CAN protocol. CAN-FD allows faster and more efficient data transfer, enabling advanced features such as higher-resolution sensors, more complex and precise control algorithms, and improved diagnostics.

2. Whether to buy an OBD2 scanner supporting the CAN-FD protocol.

CAN-FD is a newer version of the CAN protocol used in the vehicle. Some new vehicles may only use CAN-FD to communicate.
First, confirm whether the car you want to diagnose uses the CAN-FD protocol. Click here to query.
Secondly, consider whether the new car vehicle will use this protocol.
Therefore, it is recommended to choose an OBD2 scanner that supports CAN-FD protocol.

CAN-FD communication Vehicles

3. Which OBD2 scanner supports the CAN-FD protocol?

The following devices support the CAN-FD protocol: THINKDIAG2, THINKTOOL MINI 2, THINKSCAN MAX2, and MUCAR VO7 S.

OBD2 scanner supports the CAN-FD protocol
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1 comment

30 Jan 2024 Reynaldo Castillo
You guys are doing great work.I hope the future entails more bidirectional and graphing options. THINKDIAG 2 IS AWESOME. THANKS.God Bless.

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